Redmi Note 6 Pro Imei Repair solution Latest

  • Date: 03 Sep 2020
  • Publisher: Rafi

How to repair Redmi Note 6 Pro IMEI (tulip)

1. First You need to Reset EFS with UMT QcFire Tool

2. Now Enable Diag Port With Minimal Adb Tool.

 i.Run Minimal Adb Tool as Administrator

ii.Type Command adb shell Press Enter

iii.Next Command setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb Press Enter.

 Now Diag Port is Enabled.

3. Now open UMT Gsm Tool.

 i. Select Qc Universal Tab.

 ii. Select umt method 2.

iii.Type IMEI and Press Write Button.

4.Now need to load Qcn Below tick on imei options and press Write

 Now you have finished your Work.

Note: some times you need to flash modem file after doing these steps.